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In honor of NaNoWriMo,

Sovereign Scrolls will have its first ever short story writing contest. Creative story about a historical event in Eliossis, about your character, about a steam occurrence, or anything else semantically appropriate for Sovereign Scrolls. And impartial three-judge panel will determine the winner. The winning entry will receive a bound copy of the short stories as well as a two event pass.
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Sovereign Scrolls Main weathered the storm. We have diabolically been creating plots to destr......I mean, entertain the players. New rulebook and backstory creator... ... See MoreSee Less

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Good afternoon good and bad folk. I am a member of the Carmen Vale chapter and I wish to pose a question to all of y'all. What is/Was your favorite monster or npc you have had the pleasure of wielding against, with, or for the players? ... See MoreSee Less

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Sovereign Scrolls shared a live video.
Sovereign Scrolls

Great interview at CTC Geekfest.

The P.C. Fix
Meet the LARP GROUP!!!!!!
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Sovereign Scrolls updated their profile picture.
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We have a new storefront.

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Hey guys, ^^ So, I've been working on a build for my new character I'm starting with. He's a druid class Wild Elf. I was hoping maybe I could get some feedback on the build. I've already looked through the other similar classes, and wound up finding this one most to my liking flavor-wise. The following is the skill/spell/ritual list I came up with. Any thoughts for reducing my build cost would be especially appreciated. This build is based off of the 30+10 (from event payment).

Free Racial Skills: +3 Essence, Weapon Mastery Skill.

Race Skills:
Literacy - 2 build
Founder of the Written Word - 2 Build
Mana - 5 build
Blood Sanctuary - 4 build

Druid Class Skills:
Light Armor Proficiency - 4 build
Champion of the Elements - 3 build

Misc. Skills:
Missile Mastery - 4 build (primarily for using throwing daggers)
Shield Proficiency - 4 build (for use w/ a buckler)

Barkskin - 2 build

Lesser Elemental Summoning - 3 build
Blade of the Elemental - 3 build

This leaves me with 4/40 build leftover. I primarily have it set up to where he has a sword, throwing daggers, a regular dagger, with a buckler shield and hard leather/leather armor.
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