Black Swamp Offensive

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Year 3008

After constant incursions into the Black Swamp, the Lizard Men went on an all out offensive, spreading across Eliossis like snakes. More than a month they scattered unchecked with their shamanistic magics that allowed them to shift their shapes into the races of the world.

Year 3009


The call to arms has gone out to the Great Houses of the Land! The High Protector calls for action against the lizard men and their allies that continue to pour out of the Black Swamp and attack the lands of the Protectorate. However, not much is yet known about the tactics these attackers have and their magic continue to cause many troubles for the Knights of the Realm. I have few men but I shall finally give my daughter what she wants. My son-in-law will lead House Brook to battle. My hope is that he does my house proud, giving his life for the cause. They leave in three days time as we await the armaments ordered. Glory and Devotion to Daeun.


Talimar has sent a letter. My daughter tried to hide the thing saying it was between a husband and wife. However, I knew Talimar would let his wife know how things are going. The Battlelord has sent him to the northern part of the Black Swamp. His task is to stem the tide that exits the swamp. So far he has only been in a single skirmish and my men suffered no casualties. Talimar assures Everly he is well and her brother has already distinguished himself killing two of the five lizard men. Glory and Devotion to Daeun.

(The history of the Black Swamp Offensive: complied from the diary of Cherria Brook, letters of Talimar Sarvalian, Everly Sarvalian, and personal accounts and held within the library of House Sarvalian.)