Clan Whitefire

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Head of House

The Head of the Clan Whitefire of Elliossis is 7th Village Elder Ahfin.

History of the House

Clan White Fire is made up of seven villages, each with its own leader known as the village elder with the 1st village’s elder also being the king of Clan White Fire. The history of the clan stretches back 9 centuries and was founded by a group of Celtic barbarians. This settlement came to be known as the 1st village and the primary home of Clan White Fire. This settlement is the only village out of the 7 that the location is still unknown to the world. By the 3rd century the eldest members of the clan along with King Luigsech of the clan (elected by the members of the village) came together and decided to open its doors to other travelers and strong heroes seeking a home were welcomed with open arms to the clan upon completion of a tasked determined by the clan elders. By the 5th century the village got to the point to where they could no longer enlarge the village. The decision was made by the leader of Clan White Fire: King Brennus that they will begin sending out groups of members to establish new villages to help establish new homes to help with the crowding of the home village. He also wanted them to begin to establish trade of goods and knowledge with kingdoms and cities where these new villages where established to help support the growth of the clan as well as gain allies to help support them. 5 villages were established and from each village elder was elected by the people to represent the respected village. Once a month they come together in the 1st village and meet in private with the King to discuss the laws of the clan, new alliances, new trades, merchandise, and any important decisions that need to be made. By the middle of the 6th century a war broke out between the clan and goblin tribes that had attacked and killed the caravan of the Clan King as he was returning to the 1st village. After 8 years of fighting it was determined by the late king’s son, who took his father’s place, to end the war that had nearly wiped out of the goblins in and around the kingdom home to Clan White Fire’s 1st village. By the 9th century the current king’s (King Vercingetorix) son (Ahfin of Clan White Fire) completed his 20-year pilgrimage of men hood ritual, he was allowed to embark on a journey to Elliossis to establish a 7th village for Clan White Fire. Upon arriving in Elliossis Village Elder Ahfin established a village on the edge the Warewood Forest.

House functions

Each of the villages has a specialty that it is known for:

1st Village- Unknown 2nd Village- Military Tactics 3rd Village- Farming and Ranching 4th Village- Politics 5th Village- Alchemy and Assassination 6th Village- Medical 7th Village- Not yet established