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Daeun- He who sits on high. The driver of Darkness, Chaos, and Evil.

The creator of the Heavens and Eliossis.


1. Daeun is so powerful he would damage his creations were he to manifest directly or act directly on this plane.

2. Those touched by Daeun are given the heavy responsibility to return from untimely ends to do his work. It is wrong to ignore this call and perverting the gift is one of the worst blasphemies.

3. Keepers are NOT to be worshiped, only honored and respected.

4. Keepers can and do work directly on this plane to aid in the protection of Daeun’s creation.

5. While Daeun created this place and banished Darkness and Chaos, mortal servants of those powers can and do bring their unwholesome influence within the bounds of creation.

6. The beings of Eliossis may embrace Daeun and rejoice when their mortal service is over and reside in his Presence in the Afterlife.

7. Or, they may choose to be banished to the outer Dark and join Darkness and Chaos and be consumed.

8. Daeun had hoped not to need to interfere after creation. However, in the fallibility of mortals he saw the chance for the return of Chaos and Darkness. Thus he began to whisper to Allayne in order to protect the people and, through them, creation.

9. Daeun is mighty and wise but does not claim omnipotence or omniscience or omnipresence.

10. Daeun is Mighty beyond reasoning and Wise beyond comprehension. His gaze can shift leagues in but a moment and many are his followers to heed his words and act.

11. Other Powers exist but are agents of either Darkness or Chaos no matter how delightful or entrancing their words or deeds. They are not to be trusted or tolerated in these lands.

Allayne and his Companions

Allayne Djinn Evoker Keeper of Fire First Protector

Tramble A mighty Warrior of Stone. Gargoyle

Garthun Dwarven Evoker

Ellisanne Elven Speaker for Daeun

Warren Human Wizard

Faurugh Wolf amalgam and first Cavalier

Yvonne Gypsy problem solver

Wryn (Ren) Bore Sojourne And in Daeun’s name, Bard, Bird amalgam

Inalissa Elven Archer

Kaylyn Human Warrior

As a processional moves through the Temple a small shadowy figure removes a unattended pouch from a side alter. 

Laws of Daeun

 1. Don’t Kill.

2. Don’t Lie.

3. Don’t Cheat.

4. Respect the Land.

5. Fight Darkness and Chaos.

6. Speak the word of Daeun to those who would become listeners.

7. All beings who hear and listen to Daeun’s words are protected by his light and are the equal in his eyes, as any other being.

8. Any may hear the Word and be joined with Daeun no matter how far gone they may have been in service or corruption by/to Darkness and Chaos.

9. Even if acts require final justice, a chance at repentance is give so that they may join Daeun in Eternity.