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Physical Description: Red or black skin. Contrasting veins. The older more powerful Demonkind have wings and goatlike legs.

Origin: Once summoned to do Man's bidding one at a time, the demons were allowed to pour into Na'ia. None know who created the demons but it was the actions of the Betrayer, the crazed God, who turned them loose on the soldiers of Ya'Ria.

Organization: Structured in a Hierarchy by might of arms and ability to not get eaten the Demons have organized into "Royal" families. Each section of the world Na'ia is controlled by a Prince. Once there were only 5 Principalities, however now there are currently 7 Princes. Humans and other sentient creatures are traded as livestock and food by these creatures. Select "citizens" have been granted the semblance of freedom. Those "citizens" still go missing when a hungry demon is near.