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Esmara is the Goddess of

Healing Life Fertility Fate


Esmara is also known as

Lady Life The Mother The Crone The White Lady

Appropriate Offerings

Worshippers can leave Food, offerings of aid to those in need, healing salves, and potions.


Esmara is the youngest of the Gods, but as the closest to Arcainium creations she is often viewed as one of the most powerful. She is horrible to behold when her children are in danger. It is often her Husband Vhundarus who steadies her in those trying time. She is a favorite of all of the Gods and is rumored to have taught Haun-Taurus how to heal.

She is often seen with her twins Guideen, Goddess of Hope (known by her symbol of a single candle burning against the blackness), and Darien, God of Laughter.


Worshiped by: medics, healers, expectant mothers, caretakers.

Good Followers

Esmara's blessing is meant to be shared with all who aid and nurture others. Everyone can be saved if you can just get through to them. People are generally good and boons and aid are freely given.

Neutral followers

Esmara's blessing flows to all regardless. Enemies, friends, strangers, and family members are equal in Esmara's eyes.

Evil Followers

Esmara's blessings only need go to those deserving of her word. Those blind to her light can die in darkness. Esmara and the healer decide when and where a person dies. These folk worship Esmara in her aged aspect of the Crone, Fate, with her shears cutting the threads of life.