History of Eliossis

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In 2563, Allayne, the Bringer of the Word of Daeun, began his Works traveling the width and breadth of Eliossis with his Companions.

Together and with the blessing of Daeun, they were successful in showing the Truth to the people.

Clans, Tribes, Villages and burgeoning towns rejoiced in the Light of Daeun.

For 23 years, the Bringer of the Word and the Companions worked. In the end they wrought land united out of the disparate many. The Elves of Forest and Dale, the Dwarves of the Mountains and Gargoyles of the Rock. The Beastmen of the Wilds and the Gypsy roving bands, the Men of Town and Tribe.

Together the people of Daeun, led by one chosen by Allayne to lead and become its Ruler from among the Great Families, fought and pushed those who followed the taint of Darkness, Evil and of Chaos. Those Powers were pushed to the outer limits of Daeun’s Blessed and newly forged Protectorates.

So began the Union of Protectorates.

Trade flourished and cities grew from towns. The people flourished. 188 years after his pilgrimage began, Allayne passed from this world. A Djinn of Fire he was elevated and remade into the first of the Keepers of Eliossis. Those charged with the eternal service of keeping the sacred lands clear of the touch of Darkness or taint of Chaos. Over the following century several of the Companions joined Allayne as Keepers. Each held purview over elements of Creation and were charged with its protection.

The Great Families elect from their number with guidance and approval of the Council of Speakers, the Guard Protector of Eliossis who rules for life. A family from which the last Grand Protector was chosen may not submit a candidate for succession.

Daeun blessed all creatures and Beings in different measures and methods. None are elevated above another.

Those who chose not to hear and listen to the Word of Daeun are still protected by it. It is understood they are readily corrupted, however, and are kept on the fringes and closely monitored.

One blessing of Daeun, and considered his greatest, is magic. Those touched by Daeun express this as Evokers, those who strive to learn and reach for Daeun’s essence in this world are Wizards. Those who speak for Daeun and his Keepers are Messengers (Priests) and those who bring his light and fight the darkness are Cavaliers. Subtle and insidious are the workings of Chaos and vigilance the key to keeping it at bay.

A recent development of a troubling nature are strange mechanisms and such that mimic the Magic of Daeun without his Word and Light. These are forbidden until a thorough enquiry may be conducted by the Council of Speakers.

Great centers of learning and magical works have been erected and teach the wonders of magic to all who pass its requirements, rich or poor. One last abhorrence remains defiling the blessed land of Eliossis. War is eternal until victory on the Darkness incarnate, Necromancers.

In his Greatness, Daeun even redeemed some touched by Chaos and blessed and sanctified them allowing the Djinn to dwell within his glorious Eliossis.