House Bloodgood

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Name of the House


Head of House

High Lord Matieus

House Motto

The Heart Guides The Blade, The Blade Finds The Heart

History of the House

This house was formed around 423 years ago when Lady Scarlett Bloodgood The First Took the throne as the first female house Highlord. She was named by Regalus Coldore in his last act of Head of House for House Coldore. She ruled even and fair, but her death was untimely and left a power vacuum in House Coldore. Her eldest son, Matieus now is High Lord of House Bloodgood. They are known to be the deadliest and finest rogues in all of Eloissis.

Known Political Allies

High Lord Matieus has strong alliances with House Cardy as they see the value in the level of craft House Bloodgood produces.

Known Rivals

House Coldore their parting was not on good terms and though not in open warfare, no Bloodgood trusts a Coldore.