House Exilius

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Name of the House


Head of House

High Lord Marius

House Motto

The Exiled will not fall

History of the House

The house was founded around 50 years ago by High Lord Marius after he was cast out of his own house for the “Crime of worshiping darkness and chaos”. The house is made up primarily of Priests and Acolytes of the various Elder Gods, but accepts any and all exiles. As a majority, they are powerful mages who work in the shadows of the political world, and do not even bother to pay lip service to Dauen. High Lord Marius is an ancient, yet still insanely powerful High Priest of the Elder Church. As such, he has fought his way into a place among the Lesser Houses, and seeks to bring down the followers of Dauen. However, the followers of Dauen have sought to bring him down, but have proven far too weak to do so. The last battle between House Exilius and its enemies resulted in House Exilius obliterating and absorbing a much smaller and weaker House.

In recent years, Lord Marius has retreated into seclusion, to further study his arts. He has appointed one of his closest confidants Praetor of House Exilius, and given them the authority to make alliances to further increase the power of the house.

Known Political Allies

High Lord Marius has recently taken under his wing Crynyd, a fairly recently exiled Djinn Acolyte of The Elder Gods. Also, Marius has the support of High Lord Miles Flameborn, his brother, who was also exiled for not following the teachings of Daeun. High Lord Miles founded his own house, and rose to the position of one of the most powerful houses that is not on the Ruling Council. His house is made up solely of those who follow Codladh/Titem.

His newest, and most powerful ally, is High Priestess Aerhea Lightblessed, who rules with an iron fist the Light Church of Esmara and Vhundarus. However, it should be noted, that all of these houses, even when their beliefs conflict, have a single, overriding goal; to see their Patrons given true worship once more, even over Daeun.

There is a very vocal minority of followers of Daune whom preach tolerance. They, combined with Lord Marius, hold the Council in check, ensuring Exilius will not be torn asunder.

Known Rivals

The vast majority of the Ruling Council seeks to cast House Exilius out of the Protectorate,but because of the sheer power exerted by High Lord Marius, is prevented from doing so.

House Exilius faces huge opposition from most followers of Daeun.