House Ryons

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Name of the House

House Ryons -

Head of House

Lord Captain Kaazim Polaris

House Motto

We stand against the Rising Darkness of Nai'a and the Horde

History of the House

House Ryons was recently created when Captain Kaazim Polaris decided to splinter off of House Ironsplitter and form his own house. He has dedicated his house to destroying the forces of Nai'a; Demonic or otherwise. As such, he is a Demonblade before all else. He has set a rather militaristic tone for the house, and all members acquire a military rank within his House Guard upon joining.

Kaazim welcomes all Demonblades to his ranks with open arms. Although, due to the short amount of time his house has existed, he is the sole member, he is actively seeking new members. Any Demonblade whom seeks a sponsor for the Game of Houses should contact Kaazim Polaris

Known Rivals


Known Allies

Clan Whitefire , House Sarvalian

Known Members of the House

Kaazim Polaris

Contracted Guards of the House

Haskulf the Bastard