House Sarvalian

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House Sarvalian


Name of the House

House Sarvalian -

Head of House

Lord Talimar Sarvalian

House Motto

Knowledge, Determination, and Victory

History of the House

House Sarvalian is a new house, formed from a house that was thought destroyed during the War of the Purple Rose. Talimar and his children are the last of that once great house. Talimar married the daughter of a lesser house, House Brook. When the scholar Stephen and evoker Cherria passed from this world, Everly and Talimar formed House Sarvalian and entered the political scene.

Talimar and his children are the last remnants of House Pandelar. This house lasted several hundred years, beginning as a feudal house during the Feudal Wars. During those wars, Pendelar stood alone against the evil tyrant and deadcaller, Balfonex. They ended up fighting the war on several fronts and against several feudal lords. By the end of the Race War, the house was greatly depleted.

With Allayne came the companions. One was a female human warrior by the name of Kaylyn Pandelar. Kaylyn forwent the houses belief in the younger gods and traveled with Daeun's word. Initially this caused a huge rift within House Pandelar.Kaylyn stayed strong and tolerant of her kin and in the end, her seed would lead the house and the blood of her line resides in Talimar and his sons.

For the past few years, House Sarvalian has started to become known, moving up the ranks on Daeun's scales.

Known Political Allies

At the Janumas 3017 Gather in Carmen Vale, it became known that Lord Talimar and Kaazim Polaris had actually served together during the Black Swamp Offensive, and the two fast reconnected.

Known Rivals

Being less than a decade old, House Sarvalian does not have rivals at this time.

Known Members of the House

Talimar Sarvalian

Everly Sarvalian

Talion Sarvalian

Kingston Sarvalian

Slayden Sarvalian