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This is information on Ya'Ria, the home of the Pantheons of the Ya'Rian Gods.


Getting started

Esmaraelda, Handmaiden of Syndiliss

Cast of Characters




Heroes of Antiquity

Ascended and Lost

Guilds, Orders, and Organizations




Legends and Lore

History of the Gods

Elven History of the Gods


The Kingdom of the White Rose

Physician's Corner

Recent Events

Early Year 1014

Werewolf Attacks


Demonic Rift

Empire's Fall

Return of the Blighted

The Temple of the DarkLord Overrun

The Deadening

The Necropolis Awaits

Late 1014

The Unbinding

Early 1015

A Dark Portal Opens

An Approaching Storm

Time and Tide Wait for No One

The Stalemate Shifts

Mid-Year 1015

Taking the Fight to the Enemy

Storming the Castle

The Birth of the Mortal Immortal

Exploring a New World

Late 1015

The Seals Weaken

The Weystone of Rakus

The Dark Carnival Returns

The Festival of Esmaratine

Early 1016

The Seal of Silence

An Old Enemy Returns

A Walk Through the Iron Woods

Tides Unhallowed

Mid-Year 1016

The Child of Freedom Entropy Destroys All