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Occasionally, Ya'Riah is visited by individuals not of this world. Some have traveled great distances, while others have taken but a few steps through a portal. Regardless of their means of transportation, many off-worlders speak of an organization that spans numerous planes of existence...


Society of Transplanar Explorers, Artificers, and Merchants

STEAM is a consortium spanning the known multiverse, with business interests on hundreds of worlds. They have a fleet of airships capable of punching/portaling from one plane of existence to another, while carrying vast cargoes of inestimable wealth. They incorporate new technologies as they discover them, spending obscene amounts of assets finding the synergies between various resources. A common ore found on one world might become an unbreakable alloy when heat-treated on another world. What might be poison in one 'verse could be the cure to a plague in another. STEAM uncovers these benefits, and maximizes the profit to be gained by trading them.

Members of this off-world organization relate tales of selling fantastical elements for exorbitant profits, after obtaining them for almost nothing, from worlds where they are commonplace. They are known to deal in rare commodities, medicines, knowledge, and entertainments - but never weapons or military technology, preserving these rarities for their own use and capitalization.

Individuals associated with this off-world consortium are typically identifiable by their apparel as well as their language, both tending to be excessive and formal. They are also as varied and diverse in their manners and philosophies as the individuals of any race encountered on Ya'Riah. Numerous factions have developed within this huge conglomeration - Manifest Destiny Faction being one of the more... problematic.

Three vessels of S.T.E.A.M. are definitively known to have visited Ya'Riah:

E.T.V. Trismegistus (Extraplanar Trading Vessel)
Crashed almost two years ago, stranding the crew in Freedom's March
Stranded crew of the Trismegistus

Jeunne - Power Plant Officer
Sicarius Porter - Communications Officer
Alaric W. Petral - Weapons Master
Rau - Chief Engineer
Dr. Desmond Whitfield - Medical Officer

E.R.V. Arripio (Extraplanar Rescue Vessel)
Dispatched to rescue the Trismegistus, the Arripio's whereabouts are currently unknown

E.W.V. Destiny (Extraplanar War Vessel)
Believed to have landed upon Ya'Riah thousands of years ago... legends speak of its involvement in world history as "the Gold Ship."