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Wheatkeep crest


Name of the House



We will persevere.

Head of House

High Lord Gilebertus -Master Wizard

History of the House

Wheatkeep has been the leading Great house for the past 20 years. A close relationship with 2 other powerful houses have kept them on top in the game. Powerful practioners of magic they only give lip service to the followers of Daeun. High Lord Gilebertus is known for his fondness for food and drink as well as his paranoid nature. Swift to destroy his foes, he is not one to anger lightly.

Known Political Allies

Childhood friends, Thoma Twoward and Gil Wheatkeep have been fast political allies for the past 25 years. Often spending time in each others company they hunt and gamble together. Attacking either, whether politically or militarily, will earn you swift reprisals from both. They are both very powerful men and very powerful personal combatants.

Ives Cardy is a newer ally. He has recently brought his house to the Ruling council through his aggressive trading and political acumen. He aided Thoma Twoward and Gil Wheatkeep in thwarting a military "accident' that would have left Gil's son a political hostage.

Known Political Enemies

In his youth, Gil, as his friends called him, was madly in love with the younger daughter of another house, Yesmina Sternebrook, known for her exquisite beauty. Some say that Wauter Coldore stole her heart and others say he plied her father with a large dowry but in either case she married Wauter and is not often seen in public. This cemented the disdain that Gil felt for his political rival and made him a driven force to become the High Lord.