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Ya'Ria is the name of the ancestrial home of the followers of the Ya'Rian Gods. Much of it is inhospitable due to damage from the Mage War



The Kingdom of Freedom's March

Hollow's Vale - A protectorate of the Arcan Empire, known for its mineral deposits. It was the last bastion of defense for the Light during the God Wars.

Freedom's March - Population approx. 13,000 In the year 1012, King Tristan, and the heroes who marched with him, began to wrench the duchy from the iron grip of the Arcan Inquisition. Freedom's March is now its own kingdom and is preparing for war, for the Arcan Empire can not tolerate such open defiance.

Raven's Holt - Is the capitol of Freedom's March and home to its King and Queen. It is little more than a old keep now, surrounded by the capital city of Oaken Dale.

Oaken Dale - Was built around the old city of Raven Dale which was destroyed in the last war. Oaken Dale is the center of trade in Freedom's March and the proving ground for young heroes. With the recent rift and portal occurrences, strange flying ships have been seen over the city. There is rumor of a small treasure hidden in the hills overlooking the town.

Bellman's Toll - Is the first bastion of defense for Freedom's March, against enemy forces. This fort was built on the Titan Bridge of old as a border post and is known for its giant bell that can be heard all over Freedom's March. Leading the men-at- arms of the fort is a war golem (its origins still remain a mystery) with an intellect verging on the unnatural.

Mistvale - Is a hidden village that, as its name implies, lays shrouded in miles of unnatural mists. Only the expert guides of Bellman's Toll can find it. This village supports the fort of Bellman's Toll and also serves as their home.

Dearing's Cross This tiny hamlet is home to a bustling market square. Almost 200 people call this town home. There is a small shrine to the south of the town. A statue in the middle of town is said to be the form of Guideen.

Dupree - A farming village that lays in the center of Freedom's March that supplies the duchy with great quantities of wheat.

Summersgate - A moderately sized trading village, Summersgate lies east and slightly south of Oakendale. Because this village lies in middle of a major crossroads, it often gets a portion of the trade going to the larger towns. It tends to be the stop for the weary traveler, especially those passing through from the smaller, nearby villages.

Bosworth - A busy village off the southeast coast of the duchy that supplies fish from Titem's Bay. They also supply oil from the great marsh that surrounds the village.

Granite’s Reach - Is the largest village in the duchy, on the verge on becoming a full-fledged city. This village was built around a large stone and iron quarry found during the last war. Granite's Reach supplies iron and stone to the capitol of Freedom's March. This village also supplies lumber from the great forest of Thorngrave.

Thorngrave Forest - A large forest that blankets most of the eastern part of the duchy in thick trees. This forest is protected by old magics for no matter how much the lumberjacks cut, the very next morning their work areas are overgrown as though many years have passed.

The Last Watch - A great keep from the God War that is now little more than a large pile of rubble. Hunters of the area talk of seeing the dead still roaming the walls and guarding the gate. No one knows what destroyed the keep, but a foul purple mist still swirls low over the ground to this day.

Yeoman's Port - What was once a proud navy berth, in recent years has become a den of thieves, cutthroats and brigands. A fruitful barony at its height, Yeoman's Port was abandoned when the Great Purge occurred. The current Baron, a merchant who bought the title, calls himself Pip Goldsun. Yeoman's Port is now broken into two distinct pieces: the barony proper and an Imperial county.

Barony of Yeoman’s Port

Seafarer's Haven - population approx. 8,000 The capitol of Yeoman’s Port is a giant, port city that houses numerous ships which import and export goods for the empire. It has become a dark and corrupt place since the start of the war. With the navy out to sea and no real Imperial presence, brigands have begun to run wild around the capital. Now referred to as Dead Man's Den (renamed after the bandits of the Red Scar captured it from the imperial magistrate's forces) what was once a beautiful town of respected armorsmiths (elven and human alike) is now no more than a slave market.

Fiona - Destroyed by the Beast-men of the Wild Woods

Mermaid's Refuge - Destroyed by the Beast-men of the Wild Woods

Imperial County of Yeoman's Port

Imperial Countypopulation approx.3,000 - The absence of the navy in the capital coupled with a corrupt baron led to the Empire's retreat. This has effectively split the duchy in two. The Imperial County and its holdings are the only safe place for nobles and citizens alike, with the growing number of bandits emerging from the capital.

Hearth - Is a stronghold for the imperial magistrate Ty'Relus Throneborne, a young noble of Thronescrest. This stronghold was made to hold back the invasions of the wild Amalgams intent on Yeoman's Port, as well as to ward off bandits. There are many more (albeit smaller) Imperial garrisons securing the borders as well.

Elmore - A ranching community that spans the plains, this bountiful area provides most of the beef and milk used by the citizens of the county.

Ashleaf & Emberleaf - These beautiful cities are the ancestral home of the High Elves. At one point, the cities were ruled by a council of representatives from 13 noble Houses; however, since the fall of the High Elven empire, Imperial forces have invaded and sacked the cities. From there, the Imperials began their occupation, turning the once great High Elven home into nothing more than a puppet state. Though they are by law part of the Arcan Empire, they find themselves an oppressed minority, separated from the human citizens by culture and physiological differences. Armor, weapons and clothing are made here for the nobles and officers of the Arcan Empire.

The Duchy of Avensfield

Avensfield population approx. 18,000- Supplies the Arcan Empire with bountiful amounts of grains, hops and all manner of vegetables. This is the largest protectorate of the Empire and also the most important, due to the large population of citizens that serve in the Imperial Army. The Baron of this Land goes by the name Jarruk Talon.

Falconshold - Capitol of Avensfield, known for its master falcon trainers.

Harvest Way - A massive farming community that spans both the western and eastern fronts of Avensfield. Harvest Way has suffered many incursions from the beastmen of the east, so numerous militias have been formed to protect the crops.

Nobles Orchard - Once a great city for the nobles of Avensfield, but now in ruins due to many raids from the beastmen. All that remains intact is the extreme southern portion of the city. No larger than a small town, it is guarded by Avensfield men-at-arms and the Imperial Inquisition.

The Duchy of Helmspire

Helmspire -population approx. 4,500 Known recently as Shadowspire, this duchy located in the heart of the Arcan Empire, was recently liberated and restored to the High Elf Duke who's family name also is worn by the region: Helmspire. The Helmspire family lost control of the duchy when "dark humans" poured from the caverns beneath the capital's citadel. The capital and surrounding lands have been looted and pilaged for the past 160 years, with the spoils being taken back into the caverns. Adventurers and heroes heeding the displaced Duke's call for aid fought and pushed back these "dark humans," restoring the region to its rightful ruler.

Tempus Obsidium - The great capital of this duchy has a giant, obsidian tower that looms over the land like a giant shadow. The walls of Tempus Obsidium seem impenetrable. It houses two castles, four siege gates, and three cities. The Indomitables of Helmspire call it the War Citadel.

Underworld Eyes - These two magical portals sprang up in the caverns beneath Helmspire a hundred and sixty years ago. From these holes "dark humans" came, claiming friendship but in truth seeking war. They quickly overran the defenses of the region and looted it unchecked, until recently.

Hangman's Woods - Not much is known about these woods but those who enter never return. This makes Hangman’s Woods a popular execution site; set with gallows and cages, the bodies are never seen again.

Arcan Empire

population approx. 108,000


Lorwind - Capitol of the Arcan Empire not much is known about the capital since the Last Emperor. The Capital is built for war, three castles including the Emperor castle and six siege gates and ten barracks that are the face of the Emperors Castle. Two cities are built within the Citadels was, one for the noble class and one for the Citizens and peasant class. Siege engines line the towers of the walls, keeping any enemy well out of range.

Fields of Fire - Is a land mark of the God War, from when Haun-Taurus wounded his champion. The flames of his rage are still ever burning.

Felblade Academy - The home and proving ground of talented young Felknights. Felknights make pilgrimage to this spot as a reminder of what a Felknight truly is.

Seventh and Sixth Sanctum -Old Libraries that became Forts during the old war, much knowledge still lays undisturbed here and is protected to remain so.

Necropolis- City of the dead. Necropolis is home to the imperial crypts, honored dead, and the ArchPrelate.

Titem's Tears - A major landmark in Thronescrest left from the God War. Not much is known about them, but some say the water has healing powers.